Downgrade WordPress the quick ¿proper? way

If you updated to a new WordPress version and were welcomed with error messages, unaccessible admin interface and isn’t worth my time debugging this feelings, these quick steps are for you.

Returning WordPress to a previous version is safe (from a functional perspective) most of the time. You should try to update again once non-compatible plugins get fixed.

Database changes between minor WordPress versions are few, but if you don’t have any kind of disaster recovery plan in place, you’ll be in a safer position if you backup it before restoring WordPress.

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SMC reset and Trim Enabler, a bad combination

Did you apply Trim Enabler patch? Did a SMC/PRAM/NVRAM reset turned your mac unbootable?

If you are stuck at boot you can try to disable trim via Recovery Partition or a bootable OSX Installation USB drive.

Boot into Recovery ( CMD + R ) and open Terminal utility. Type as follows:

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