iMojito Wallet, the iPhone pouch for the mojito people

Although this site has no relation with iMojito Wallet, either its manufacturer, I will write a review with ranking purposes due its wonderful name :)

Googled about it and found seller description "Sometimes you don't need a purse, or man bag, or backpack, or any other kind of bulky carry-all to weigh you down when you walk out the door. Sometimes you just want to slip a little something in your pocket, and this iMojito is quite a cool little polyeurethane number for your iPhone, credit cards, and a bit of cash to make it through the day."


That 20 bucks could fly easily

People replied "I wouldn't want to pull out all my cash and cards every time I recieve a telephone call." and they are right. As Wired points:

the Malcolm Frontier promo video showcasing its “iMojito” all-in-one iPhone case and wallet (naked girl on a scooter, naked guy on fixed-gear bike, naked guy running, all SFW) demonstrates my first thought about this case: At the end of the rather nice video spot, the naked guy (on foot) grabs the wallet (cash, cards, iPhone) from the naked girl on the moped (she’s carrying it in her mouth. Where else?), handily making away with all her valuables in one easy to steal package.

imojito_wallet_2Design and materials seem to be good, although pouch itself isn't very healthy for your phone or money. Another commenter points "reminds me a bit of the ipocketwallet its a iphone wallet that does a similar thing, came up on a google seach" so go on


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