Tuning Twitter embeds in WordPress: nofollow links and centered embed

Since last year WordPress team added auto-embed support for Twitter status updates, leading to some kind of design and SEO problems. Let's try to solve both.

As you may know, in recent WordPress versions placing a Twitter URL like


inline your post or page text turned it into this widgetized (and more appealing) tweet display
By default Twitter embeds are left aligned and cannot be centered with paragraph formatting toolbar.

Even more, in a Google centric world this leads to any kind of junk URLs (hashtags, @usernames, pics) being injected with old era internet links (aKa Non-Non Followed).

Short review of public Big G position about widgets: nofollow it

Solution Provided:

Include in the functions.php file in your theme directory to have a css centered, URL clean tweet embedded widget

/* Keep URL for updates */
/* https://imojito.com/twitter-embed-nofollow-centered-wordpress.html */ 
function twitter_mod($html, $url, $args) {
if (false !== strpos($url, 'twitter.com')) {
/* Center Widget */
$html = str_replace('class="twitter-tweet"','class="twitter-tweet tw-align-center"',$html);
/* NoFollow Links */
$html = str_replace('<a','<a rel="nofollow"',$html);
return $html;

A partial solution, given the fact that Google may load the twitter widget javascript and self-display the colorful and old style linked Tweet

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