Update on the Medion S2217

Hello again! As time passes this little machine receives the linux love and finally it got some nice improvements (so nice that I didn't have to boot Windows in the last few days). It's scary to say, but still 2 full operative systems on a 32GB drive!

Speaker and headphone audio is now a thing! After a bit of DSDT fixing and replacing some HID to get properly loaded previous generation drivers (CherryTrail RT5645) and replacing intel firmware with a modified version (ssp0). Sound is crystal clear, but jack detection is somehow inverted. As a plus, volume function keys work out of the box.

Tried the 4.9.0-RC2 kernel, but graphic glitches stopped me from further testing. Then applied the baytrail-linux kernel patches from Arch's AUR to the 4.8.5 kernel and now frequent system hangs went away (finally!).

Some other fixes:

  • eMMC storage i/o scheduler is set to cfq by default, switched to deadline
  • clocksource=tsc grub.cfg bootarg is a must even in the patched kernel
  • Some weeks ago I randomly got a cpu core locked at 100% that I triaged to be the WiFi r8723bs kernel module. By switching power on the WiFi interafce from auto to on those events have not appeared again.
  • Added a 1500MB ZRAM swap, it's incredible it works so well
  • With latest kernel brightness control goes from fully dimmed to full bright (and yes, function keys work out of the box)
  • Maybe some other things I currently don't remember

What still does not work:

  • Sleep: in the meantime I'm planning to stop systemd close-lid actions and just switch screen off and lock screen
  • Touchpad: still no gestures no multitouch

I'm using XFCE/Compiz with HiDPI settings and I'm surprised it required 0 manual configuration

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  • ipelupes

    hi there! nice stuff; I went with sparky linux as far as having a stable system, but no sound or internal wifi yet…can you provide some more detail how you got everything working? (you started from arch linux?)

    • https://imojito.com/ iMojito

      Hello! To get wifi you need this module https://github.com/hadess/rtl8723bs
      If sound isn’t working when 4.9 kernel gets released (should be in two weeks) I’ll write a guide to get it working.
      I’m running Antergos (Arch’s based distro)

    • AlbertF

      Could you upload the distro image file you used?

    • https://imojito.com iMojito

      Sorry I no longer own this laptop… I remember modifying slightly the antergos usb media to boot with a 32 bit EFI

  • Daniel

    Hey, nice job! Could you please share how you got sound working? Haven’t had any success with this so far… That would be awesome!